Parasol Hummingbird Feeders

Are you a hummingbird owner looking for the perfect outdoor feeder? Search no further. A unique kind of feeder, both environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, serving as the ideal fixture and gift for any hummingbird lover’s yard, lawn, garden, or porch. Each feeder is crafted exclusively from recycled materials including rust-free metal, and hand-blown glass. The feeders are the perfect gift or cost-effective investment for your hummingbird community.

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Best Parasol Hummingbird Feeders

The Parasol brand is one of a kind in the hummingbird feeder industry for its combination of lightweight, eco-conservative materials and stunning, colorful appearance. They are not only beautiful, but also durable and rust-resistant as well as weather-proof. The parts have been designed and constructed to keep unwanted bees and wasps out of the bird nectar. Come time to rain, you have no reason to worry. The alloy metal fixtures cannot rust. Additionally, the parts are built to last for years and the materials are easy to locate and replace, if necessary. Should these parts break, Parasol has ensured that they are easy to find and re-order at minimal cost, so that you can easily fix the feeders yourself (or have them fixed by the company) and maintain them in working condition.

The Parasol feeder’s durable design will keep birds coming for years, and provide a beautiful rest haven in the outdoor portion of your house beautiful for decades, or virtually as long as your home stands. The softly tinted glass of the Parasol feeder exudes muted light and a warm ambience that attracts the birds with mess-free nectar baskets. The feeders come in several forms, listed below.

1.Basketweave 2 Green

Two green reservoirs with red feeding flowers fit inside a rust-free metal basket.Every flower serves as a perch for the hummingbirds, and enhance any garden or yard with its vivid colors.

2.Bouquet 2 Basketweave Shelter Feeder

A feeder that contains 16 ounces of nectar, and offers a shaded roof as protective shelter for your birds. The recycled blown glass, in a variety of colors you can pick from, accompanies red flower feeding portals as sitting perches for your birds.

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3.Bouquet 3 Feeder

This feeder has three red flower feeding portals, each with a perch. The port,constructed of light aqua blue blown glass, allows the hummingbirds to flutter above the metal nectar holder, offering a beautiful sight for the owner. The hanger and holder are built from durable, rust-free alloy metal.

4.Lunchpail Feeder

Also constructed from light aqua blown glass and a rust-proof alloy hanger, this is another elegant feeder for your porch and home. The red flower portals hang directly over one another and provide perches for your birds to rest while sipping nectar.

5.Parasol Bloom Feeder

This beautiful blue, 16-ounce reservoir for nectar is one of Parasol’s most elegantly constructed designs. It also has a decanter for easy filling and cleaning.

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6.Miniblossom Feeder Hanging Aqua

The smallest feeder, this can serve as an adorable gift to any hummingbird lover. Not only is the hanger built of rust-proof metal, but the red flower container top is mess-proof, preventing leaks and drips that could attract wasps and bees.

7.Parasol Pot de Creme Moon and Stars Green

Simple and easy to clean, with a detachable top for re-filling and washing out.The nectar container holds 6 ounces and welcomes your small guests.